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Church For The Churchless
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A Church for anyone who needs to belong but can't make the commitment!

The Churchless Creed
  • We believe we are called to live a life open to all possibilities.
  • We believe in the value of fellowship and the need for community.
  • We believe each must walk their own journey and that each must respect the journey of others.
  • We believe no person should be isolated spiritually from any other person.

TheChurchless is an organization for "Churchless" Individuals and Independent Ministers. For anyone who needs to belong, yet unable to make a commitment to an organized religion for any reason. Our focus is the need every person has - to belong to something!

Our goal is to create a common place for people of all faiths and no faith to come together. Churchless Ministers provide serious services when required. Churchless people are born, get married, and pass away and everything in between like everyone else. Many of The Churchless are independant ministers who are happy to celebrate your milestones in life.

But we are not serious all the time. This Churchless Church is fun! We include the good parts of belonging to a church but none of the bad. No eternal damnation, no "confess your sins" (without a smile), no judgment of any kind! Your life is YOURS, you can make your own choices on those things.

Churchless Ministers
Looking for a Churchless Minister? Many are available in many locations throughout the world!

Free ordination!
Have you ever considered becoming an ordained Minister? There are several Churches that will ordain online! We have a list of Church websites that offer free ordnation.

Churchless Minister's Manual
Independant (Churchless) Ministers cover a wide variety of of religions, many times we need help. The Churchless Minister's Manual was created to help get new Ministers up tp speed.

Our Forum
Join our Churchless Forum to meet other Churchless people!

Various websites that are related to independant ministers.

Important information!

We have been told by ULC Headquarters that the sites ulc.org and themonastery.org are no longer authorized sites of the Universal Life Church.

All ordinations done through those sites after August 1, 2006 are not valid with ULC Headquarters!

The official website of the ULC is www.ULCHQ.com

Lida Hensley passed away on Sunday, December 31st, 2006. She is survived by her three children, 5 grandchildren, and her 4 great-grandchildren.

The new President of the ULC is Andre Hensley.